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Super Undies Step Up Inserts - CLEARANCE

Super Undies Step Up Inserts - CLEARANCE

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Super Undies StepUp Inserts are microfibre and designed to complement your Super Undies Pants. 


Material:  microfibre.
Size S to XXL. Each inserts holds up to 250ml, depending upon size. 

Sizing is provided as a guide only. Please contact for further assistance if required.
Position/Purpose: Either as an additional insert for increased absorbency.

Owned: USA
Manufacturing: USA
Warranty: 60 Days

What the Cloth Nappy Doctor Says

The perfect insert if your SuperHero or NightTime Pants requires more absorbency for either nighttime or daytime. These inserts add a varying amount of additional protection and absorbency.


All Super Undies Pants come with absorbency, but sometimes you need to Step it Up! Add one, two, or three additional inserts to make your trainers soak up more – whether it be for a long car ride, naptime, or when you just need a little break from running to the potty every 20 minutes!


Super Features


For your child…


Optional inserts lets you keep a trim look

Additional inserts give you great absorption and leak security

For you…

Allows you to dictate the level of natural consequence you want for your child.

Each insert is the equivalent of two layers of microfiber to give you a wide range of absorption levels.

Going from a cloth nappy to a thin training pant could shock a child if they leak the first time they use it. This could cause them to not like their new big kid Undies. Use one insert for some extra absorbency, and talk to your child about what might happen if they go potty in these without making it to the toilet, in the car or at the park


Of course, there are times when you simply MUST have more absorbency. If you’re heading to the mall or on a one-hour car trip, you need to know you are covered. The best thing about Super Undies™ Pants is that you can go from an attitude of serious potty learning to stuffing it a bit to make sure the car seat stays dry. 


Use Two Step-Up Inserts…


At Naptime

Children usually have a rhythm or pattern to the times they go. They will normally pee just after waking up, or for those kids who stir a bit before waking, this is maybe when they go. Use two step-up inserts if you notice your child really wetting before they fully wake up. Keep a good eye on their potty habits, though, because if you can lessen the inserts to one, then you have a better chance at potty training and bringing about “wet-awareness.”


For young children just starting to potty learn

If your child is under two years old and you want to start trying to potty train, change a diaper to a fully stuffed Super Undies™ Pocket Training Pant stuffed with two Step-up Inserts. This will give you the daytime security of a normal cloth diaper while you begin the process of “wet-awareness.” Talk to your child often about the potty, peeing, where it happens, and start changing him in the bathroom. Even if you think your child does not understand all you are saying, stay in constant communication about potty matters. After a small period of time (a week of two) reduce the number of Step-Up Inserts from two to one. Continue this process until natural consequences begin to make your child uncomfortable with peeing in his pants.


For “large capacity” kids

Simply put – some of us just have heavy wetters. Use two or even three Inserts as needed.

Additional Resources

Cloth Nappy Doctor Tip

Washing your Super Undies.


We always recommend washing our products in a garment bag. This will help prevent the inserts from getting caught around the agitator in your washing machine (if you have one) and getting torn or ripped away at the seam of the diaper.

We first recommend washing your Super Undies on either a warm, or cold wash prior to use once you have made sure the product fits your child. 

Once the product has been used we recommend using a diaper sprayer to rid the diaper of any solids into your toilet. 

If your Super Undies are soiled, use the diaper sprayer, or just shake the solids out into the toilet. To help reduce stains you will want to cold rinse and throw it into a open top bucket, or wet bag keeping it wet until you are ready to wash. You will want to wash our products every day or every other day. You will want to use your washing machines highest water level available. You may need to pre-rinse with no detergent and then follow through with a warm wash with detergent. You can then dry our products either in the dryer on low, or line dry them or a combination of both.

Please note that cotton is a natural fiber and does have a tendency to fray. Fraying of any cotton product is not considered a defect but rather something that can naturally occur.

You will want to avoid using chlorine bleach on a regular basis. It will start to break down the fibres and shorten the life and absorbency of the diapers. It also may irritate your child's skin. You also want to avoid using any fabric softeners, liquid or sheets. Fabric softeners coat the absorbent layers of the diapers and will reduce absorbency.

To lengthen the life of your Super Undies you will want to hang dry your diapers overnight, or partially dry in the dryer and then hang dry after a cold rinse. You can use 1/2 c. of lemon juice to whiten, or sun them in cold weather to freshen and remove stains.

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