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Swipes Complete Kit - Baby Beehinds Wipes offer

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Swipes Complete Kit - Baby Beehinds Wipes offer
Decorate your own pails

Swipes Complete Kit - Baby Beehinds Wipes offer

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Baby Beehinds Cotton Velour Wipes
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Swipes Sticker Set (16 pack)

Check it out! 20 Baby Beehinds Cotton Velour Wipes are now an option with the Swipes Complete Kit! 

There are only 20 kits available! 

So you will receive 20 Baby Beehinds Cotton Velour Wipes and an extra SWIPES wetbag. 

*this offer is not available with any other offer or discount code. The Baby Beehinds wipes replace the Swipes Bamboo Wipes. Swipes wetbag is randomly chosen.

Swipes Complete Kit is for those who wish to establish a complete reusable wet wipes station from scratch. Whilst designed with parents of children in nappies (both disposable and cloth) in mind, it is also an excellent wet wipes system for in and around the home, as well as out and about. It takes care of sticky fingers, general grime, makeup removal...it really has endless uses. The Complete Kit contains the following:

- 1 Swipes Fresh Essential Oil

- 1 Swipes Laundry Essential Oil

- 1 Swipes Fresh Pail

- 1 Swipes Laundry Pail

- 1 Swipes Wetbag

- 1 Swipes Mesh Bag for Laundry Pail

- 20 Baby Beehinds Cotton Velour Wipes (Rainbow)

- One set of 16 Swipes Stickers

New Wetbag Designs Available

Description of each Swipes product in your Complete Kit.

The Fresh Essential Oil

This product comes in three different scents of 10ml each; Lavender (Organic) & Chamomile, Rose Geranium & Lavender (Organic), and Mandarin, Teatree (Organic) & Lemon Teatree (Organic). Each oil blend is baby safe, however it is recommended that water alone is used for newborns until they are 6 weeks old, and then Fresh Essential Oils can be applied to your Swipes Fresh Pail.

The Laundry Essential Oil

This product comes in 10ml blend; Lemon Tee Tree, and Tea Tree (Organic). Tea Tree and Lemon Tea Tree contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. A few drops in half-a-bucket of water will aid in the cleaning of the wipes as a pre-wash solution, and will pleasantly mask nasty odours between washes.

Laundry Pail

This 5L pail is for used wipes prior to washing. Fill it half way with clean water and add a few drops of your chosen Laundy Oil. Place the Mesh Bag inside and fold over the top to secure. Now, once a wipe is used simply place it in the mesh bag in the laundry pail until you are ready to wash.

Fresh pail

This 3.4L pail comfortably holds 20 prepared wipes. Mix 2 cups of water with a few drops of your chosen Fresh Essential Oil (not necessary for babies less than 6 weeks old) and the wipes, add the wipes and you are set to go.


It’s so easy to go out and about with your Swipes Wetbags. All you need is a few wet wipes in your front pocket and you’re ready to go. Once used, they can be stored in the larger pocket until wash time. The wetbag has a PUL breathable lining and are included with the Complete Kit, Essential Kit and the Basic KitPlace only damp wipes in the pockets. The pockets keep the wipes ready for action.

Mesh Bag

Is included for the Laundry Pail. When it is time to wash, simply secure zip close the bag, secure the zipper under the velcro laundry tab, and add it to your wash. No need to touch the messy wipes at all. Easy!

Swipes Sticker Set

A pack of 8 of our custom-made vinyl Swipes stickers. Each is 10 cm square with 4 designs available. You can choose girl, boy or unisex. The Swipes Stickers are water proof and you can choose where to place them on your Fresh and Laundry Pails.

Smart wipes are able to be reused again and again, making them environmentally friendly and easy on the hip pocket.

Over a baby’s lifetime they will need at least 10,000 individual disposable wipes. So if you’re buying a $3 to $8 per pack of 80, it will cost you between $375.00 to $993.75, to use disposable wipes. That is a lot of money by anyone's standard.

If you buy the Apikali SMART WIPES Complete Kit, you will get enough wipes to see you through birth to toilet training. The only ongoing costs are for essential oils for the pails! Extra wipes can be purchased if desired.

So what would you rather? An environmental friendly, affordable soft wipe? Or an expensive, tough wipe that will contribute to the carbon footprint, and will end up costing more money? The decision is yours, but we are sure the SMART WIPES decision is the right one for you, your bank balance and the environment you are leaving your children.

Warranty: 3 months from purchase.

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