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Complete Kit - Swipes Washable Wipes - CLEARANCE

Complete Kit - Swipes Washable Wipes - CLEARANCE
Decorate your own pails

Complete Kit - Swipes Washable Wipes - CLEARANCE

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Organic Cotton Flannel Wipes (20 pack)
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Swipes Sticker Set (16 pack)

The Apikali Swipes Complete Kit is for those who wish to establish a complete reusable wet wipes station from scratch. Whilst designed with parents of children in nappies (both disposable and cloth) in mind, it is also an excellent wet wipes system for in and around the home, as well as out and about. It takes care of sticky fingers, general grime, makeup removal...it really has endless uses. 

P . The Complete Kit contains the following:

- 1 Swipes Fresh Essential Oil

- 1 Swipes Laundry Essential Oil

- 1 Swipes Fresh Pail

- 1 Swipes Laundry Pail

- 1 Planetwise Wipes Pouch worth $17

- 1 Swipes Mesh Bag for Laundry Pail

- 20 Swipes Wipes - 21x21cm - available in cotton flannel

- One set of 16 Swipes Stickers

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Cloth Nappy Doctor chats Swipes

Description of each Swipes product in your Complete Kit.

The Fresh Essential Oil

This product comes in three different scents of 10ml each; Lavender (Organic) & Chamomile, Rose Geranium & Lavender (Organic), and Mandarin, Teatree (Organic) & Lemon Teatree (Organic). Each oil blend is baby safe, however it is recommended that water alone is used for newborns until they are 6 weeks old, and then Fresh Essential Oils can be applied to your Swipes Fresh Pail.

The Laundry Essential Oil

This product comes in 10ml blend; Lemon Tee Tree, and Tea Tree (Organic). Tea Tree and Lemon Tea Tree contain anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. A few drops in half-a-bucket of water will aid in the cleaning of the wipes as a pre-wash solution, and will pleasantly mask nasty odours between washes.

Laundry Pail

This 5L pail is for used wipes prior to washing. Fill it half way with clean water and add a few drops of your chosen Laundy Oil. Place the Mesh Bag inside and fold over the top to secure. Now, once a wipe is used simply place it in the mesh bag in the laundry pail until you are ready to wash.

Fresh pail

This 3.4L pail comfortably holds 20 prepared wipes. Mix 2 cups of water with a few drops of your chosen Fresh Essential Oil (not necessary for babies less than 6 weeks old) and the wipes, add the wipes and you are set to go.

Mesh Bag

Is included for the Laundry Pail. When it is time to wash, simply secure zip close the bag, secure the zipper under the velcro laundry tab, and add it to your wash. No need to touch the messy wipes at all. Easy!

Swipes Wipes

A pack of 20 of our custom-made Swipes Wipes, in cotton flannel, double terry bamboo or bamboo velour. Designed to fit the hand perfectly with no 'exposed' areas to get mess on your hands, these 21x21cm square wipes are an excellent size for cleaning whatever you need whilst using only the one wipe. Fold it multiple times to keep cleaning. The bamboo is extremely soft yet has just the right amount of grip to get the job done. Please allow for slight shrinkage after washing.

Swipes Sticker Set

A pack of 16 of our custom-made vinyl Swipes stickers. Each is 10 cm square with 4 designs available. You can choose girl, boy or unisex. The Swipes Stickers allow you decorate your Fresh and Laundry Pails.

Swipes wipes are able to be reused again and again, making them environmentally friendly and easy on the hip pocket.

Over a baby’s lifetime they will need at least 10,000 individual disposable wipes. So if you’re buying a $3 to $8 per pack of 80, it will cost you between $375.00 to $993.75, to use disposable wipes. That is a lot of money by anyone's standard.

If you buy the Apikali Swipes WIPES Complete Kit, you will get enough wipes to see you through birth to toilet training. The only ongoing costs are for essential oils for the pails! Extra wipes can be purchased if desired.

So what would you rather? An environmental friendly, affordable soft wipe? Or an expensive, tough wipe that will contribute to the carbon footprint, and will end up costing more money? The decision is yours, but we are sure the Swipes WIPES decision is the right one for you, your bank balance and the environment you are leaving your children.

Warranty: 3 months from purchase.

Please note: as per our policies, there is no partial postage for orders that include preorder items. If you would like your other items, please contact us to arrange postage.

5 Stars
Use these everyday!! (part II)
(I submitted a review on these before, just writing in to update) Last time I wrote that I was wetting and wringing out each swipe before putting it in the fresh bucket, to avoid nappy rash. That was before I noticed Apikali's video on how to use them (facepalm) which was easier - James put 2 cups of water in the fresh bucket first, then about 10 swipes, gave them a swish in the water and was done. I am now doing a lazier version of that: I put 12 dry swipes into the bucket (I found 12 better than 10, for the moisture level I wanted) and then poured 2 cups of water on top in a circling motion to wet the swipes somewhat evenly. Then let time and gravity make the entire bucket of swipes wet. If I knew I was going to need them soon (eg. nappy change imminent) then I would pour the 1st cup of water on half of the swipes, put the other half of the swipes on top then pour the 2nd cup of water on that. I needed 12 swipes a go when bub was 2-4 months old, frequent poo nappies, and our change area was directly under our airconditioning unit (which dried the swipes out over time particularly if there was only a few left in the bucket). Now bub is 5 months old, does a poo nappy only 1 or 2 times a day, and our change area moved away from the airconditioner. To ensure the water in the swipes is 'fresh', I have now cut it down to 7 dry swipes to 1 cup of water in the bucket and it works for me.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Brisbane. on 2/3/2015
5 Stars
Amazing Kit
This is a perfect kit with all the essentials. The oils smell great and the cloth wipes are of great quality. The small wet bag is just the right size to put a dirty nappy and a few dirty wipes. Recommend it as a great present to give to someone you know who is going cloth!!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Brisbane. on 7/6/2015
5 Stars
Makes reusable wipes easy
I have to admit when I first made the decision to switch to reusable wipes I was dreading the amount of extra work I thought would be involved. All that changed when I received this kit - it makes it so easy! I have enough wipes to last 2 days (to match the amount of MCN's I have) and I just throw them in the wash at the same time, it's so easy. The essential oils smell great and the wet bag with 2 pockets makes using them on the go just as easy as using them at home. It has saved me so much money already and I feel good knowing that's one less thing I'm throwing in the bin. The bamboo wipes are so soft on my baby's bum and I can clean up even the messiest poo with just one wipe.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Sydney. on 6/14/2015
5 Stars
Absolutely love the Swipes
This is a beautiful, simple system. Bamboo wipes feel nice and gentle on baby's bum and give a much better clean than disposable wipes. Buckets are a good size and quality plus come with bonus cute stickers for decorating. The essential oils are refreshing and pleasant (I chose Mandarin and Lemon Tea Tree). Wash bag is high quality and a good size (just needed to trim off a couple of loose threads). A Complete Kit is easily enough for one baby if you wash every few days (for simple poo free changes I use each wipe twice to save washing. Just fold used side in so I know which side is clean and put on top of lid for next change). The customer service at Apikali is truly excellent and very friendly. My email was replied to promptly. I also provided my AusPost MyPost deliveries number with my address and this is the first online seller to actually manage to add it when sending my parcel! (This means you automatically track it online). I would strongly recommend the website overall :)
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Hobart, Tasmania. on 1/6/2015
5 Stars
The best investment I've made this MCN journey
It is such a joy to reach for a soft bamboo cloth to wipe my bubs bot.The scent included is gentle and refreshing. The washbag included in the kit is of excellent quality and makes washing easy to do. I just throw it in the machine with my nappy load every second day and I never run out of wipes. The wetbag makes traveling covenient with 2 pockets - one for clean and one for dirty wipes. Highly recommended
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Melbourne . on 11/17/2016
5 Stars
Great kit!
If you are thinking of using cloths wipes, look no further! This kit is perfect!
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Shellharbour. on 6/28/2015
5 Stars
Absolutely amazing!
So easy and amazing to use. The wipes are so soft! Highly recommend this to everyone! I'm in love xx
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from Jimboomba . on 12/18/2014
5 Stars
Love my swipes kit!!
I love my swipes wipes. The essential oils are lovely too and although we don't use the pails yet I'm sure we will in summer. I prefer to warm the wipes under a tap as Bub is still a newbie and it's winter. The wipes are so soft! They do a brilliant job too.
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Reviewed by: (Verified Buyer)  from SA. on 9/6/2016
5 Stars
Everyone should use swipes
We have been so happy with the complete kit. The swipes are really soft and a good size. Unlike disposables, where you need to use at least 3 or 4 per dirty change, you only need one swipe. They smell lovely (I chose lavender and chamomile), are better for the environment and my girl's botty is happier. Everyone wins! I've recommended these to friends who have been very happy with them as well (see Marion's review, below). It's also nice to be supporting a family business.
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Reviewed by:  from Hobart. on 1/20/2015

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