Swipes sanitary pad Kit from Apikali Modern Cloth Nappy Library
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Swipes Cloth Pad Kit - For Women

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Swipes Cloth Pad Kit - For Women

Swipes Cloth Pad Kit - For Women

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The Apikali Swipes Cloth Pad Kit is designed for women needing a practical solution to using washable sanitary pads. The Kit includes:

- 1 Swipes Laundry Pail

- Your choice of Cloth Pads Trial Kits from our range at Apikali. Choose from Twinkle Lily or Bummis.

- Your choice for adding soft Swipes Bamboo Wipes to the Kit.

You save up to 15% for the entire Cloth Pad Kit.

A Description of Each Component in the Kit.

Laundry Pail

This 5L pail is for used wipes prior to washing. Fill it half way with clean water and add a few drops of your chosen Laundy Oil. Place the Mesh Bag inside and fold over the top to secure. Now, once a wipe is used simply place it in the mesh bag in the laundry pail until you are ready to wash.

Bamboo Swipes Wipes (additional purchase)

A pack of 20 of our custom-made bamboo weaved on a polyester base Smart Wipes. Designed to fit the hand perfectly with no 'exposed' areas to get mess on your hands, these 21x21cm square wipes are an excellent size for cleaning whatever you need whilst using only the one wipe. Fold it multiple times to keep cleaning. The bamboo velour is extremely soft for delicate lady parts. Please allow for slight shrinkage after washing.

Cloth Pad Trial Kit

  • Twinkle Lily includes one of each size pad from liner to nights (3). Please note designs will be random, but you are welcome to leave a preference at checkout.
  • Bummis...organic cotton cloth pads in 3 sizes. Please note designs will be random.

Warranty: 3 months from purchase.

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