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Swipes - Reusable Wipes

Imagine it being easier to save money, time and the environment. 

Swipes Washable Wipes are a modern application of using reusable wipes for your baby, child or home.

Using Swipes System will save you at least $700 compared to environmental single use alternatives and paper towel and serviettes.

Each Swipes double terry bamboo wipe is large enough for mums and dads hands, no small wipes that don't ensure your hand is covered for the job needed.

Swipes Wipes are easy to wash, store and reuse. Saving time, money and our environment.

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$94.00  $75.00
Swipes Fresh Essential Oils - 10ml
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Swipes Laundry and Fresh Pails
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Swipes Laundry Essential Oil - 10ml
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Swipes Mesh Bag for Laundry Pail
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Swipes Out and About Wetbag
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Swipes Washable Wipes- Essentials Kit
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